1. Kyle Quincey - After suffering a season ending injury after "checking" Ovechkin in Washington last year, Quincey has bounced back and been the most consistent Avs player.  He is 2nd on the team with 14 points, including 3 goals and has a been decent in his own zone - where he is a -3.

2. Ryan O'Reilly - If this award was only for games 1-10, Factor would have won it hands down.  While he's slowed a little bit in November, his line (along with Landeskog and Winnik) carried the Avs to a good start.  With 12 points so far in 2011-12, he is well on his way doubling his career best point total of 26.

3. Matt Duchene - If this award was only for games 11-21, Matty would have won it hands down.  After his (typical) slow start, Duchene was back to the kind of form that has given him 2 of the last 4 ABD 1st stars - he led the team in scoring after 21 games.  

ABD's Goats:
1. Seymon Varlamov - Varly played well to start the season, but he play dropped dramatically and he ended up with horrible numbers over 14 games.  To put his .890 Save % and 3.30 GAA in perspective, both Budaj and Anderson (while in an Avs uniform) put up better numbers last year. 

2. Jan Hedja - Like Varly, Hedja also had a strong start, but his team worst -15 is simply to glaring to ignore.  To put his -15 in perspective, last year, over games 42-61 (which included a stretch where the team picked up 1 point over 10 games), the worst plus minus on the team was -17 (JM Liles).  

Most surprising thing:
Ryan Wilson - During Preseason, Ryan Wilson was on the bubble along with Matt Hunwick and Stefan Elliott for the 6th defenseman spot.  He beat out those two and he has been the Avs 2nd most consistent player, leading the team with a +3 and tied for the team lead in assists with 11.

Most expected thing:
12th in the Western Conference.  No one outside of Colorado had the Avs finishing in the playoffs - and so far "the experts" have been proven right.  

Team Stats:
Record: 9-11-1
Standings: 4th in NW division, 12th in Western Conference
Points: 19 (of 42) 
Average points per game: 0.90* 
Projected points total: 74 
*As a baseline – last year Vancouver (1st in Western Conference) averaged 1.42 points a game and  (8th in Western Conference) averaged 1.18 points a game – anything above 1.20 is going to get you into the playoffs.

Home record: 3-7-0
Points: 6 (of 20)
Average points per game: 0.60 

Road record: 6-4-1
Points: 13 (of 22)
Average points per game: 1.18 

Goal differential: -9 (Avs: 56 - Opponents: 65) 
*includes goals awarded for winning a shootout

Special Teams:
Power Play: 25.7%, 2nd in the NHL
Penalty Kill: 77.5%, 26th in the NHL

OT Record: 1-1
Shootout Record: 2-0

Individual Stats:
Points Leaders:
1. Matt Duchene - 16
2. Kyle Quincey - 14
3. Milan Hejduk / Paul Stastny - 13

Goal Leaders:
1. Matt Duchene - 9
2. Milan Hejduk - 7
3. Paul Stastny - 6

Assists Leaders:
1. Kyle Quincey / Ryan Wilson - 11
3. Ryan O'Reilly - 10

Plus / Minus:
Plus leader:  Ryan Wilson (+3)
Minus leader: Jan Hejda (-15)

Varlamov - 14 games, 5-8-1, .890, 3.30
Giguere - 8 games, 4-3-0, .924, 1.85

Final Thought:I believe this team should be challenging for one of the final playoff spots in the Western Conference. These 21 games, particularly the 10 games at home, will make it tough for that to happen.