• So obvious stuff first: what a game for Duchene.  Ok, the 2nd goal was practically handed to him, and the other two of the goals were perhaps a little soft, but he was flying all night long and made a lot of Stars players look silly trying to get the puck aways from him.
  • With the emergance of O'Reilly as a true offense threat, I'm much more comfortable with Duchene playing on the wing.
  • Duchene is now tied with O'Reilly with 10 pts.
  • This was probably the first game we saw Varly give up some bad goals.  Not all his fault - he certainly wasn't helped by his defenseman tonight - I'm looking at you O'Byrne.
  • I'm also looking at you Hejda.  Jan was god awful on the OT goal - losing his man behind the net and then skating right through Varly to try to get back on him.  
  • Wilson had a 3 pt night, who now has as many points as Paul Stastny.
  • Zero points for Hejduk, Landeskog, Jones, and Lindstrom.
  • How exciting was that 3 on 3?  I'm not a "I hate the shootout" guy at all, but I wouldn't mind extending the game another 3 mins playing 3 on 3 before going to the shootout.