Since last night's game debacle could accurately be summed up with one bullet that simply said "everyone sucked", I'm going to switch gears today.


  • To Craig Anderson: You got it backwards.  You're supposed to have a good season in a contract year. 
  • To Chris Stewart: Don't get ever suckered into a meaningless fight in a game in November, again.
  • To Kyle Quincey: Alex Ovechkin is strong.  Try checking Matt Cooke instead.
  • To Brandon Yip: I tried to tell you that switching from #59 to #18 was a bad idea...
  • To Greg Sherman:  Please consider injury history the next time you make a trade for a top 6 forward.
  • To Josh Kroenke: You are paying Matt Hunkwick $1.5 million this season.  Think about all the good you could have done with that money.
  • To Jonas Holos: Keep your head up - no one else understands, either...
  • To Kyle Cumiskey: Have you ever seen Europe?  Would you like to go for 9 months or so, starting next fall?
  • To Subway: Time to revise your business plan if it factors in sales of the "$2 subs if the Avs win" promotion.
  • To Joe Sacco: Find a good real estate agent.
  • To Avs fans: Prepare yourselves for an Avalanche team that looks a whole lot like the AHL's Lake Erie Monsters very shortly.