Since you read my blog, (besides having incredibly good taste) I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you're a fairly hardcore Avalanche fan.  Assuming that you also live in Colorado, if you're anything like me, you were on Tickethorse.com at 10AM MDT sharp, refreshing the page with credit card in hand, ready to claim the best seats possible for the Sept 20th Burgundy / White game.

Well, unfortunately for us, our promptness was not rewarded.  Instead we were greeted with this:


"This" would be a webpage without a link to actually buy tickets to the event.  And really, that's the most important part.

I quickly confirmed (10:02AM) via Twitter that I wasn't alone in experience.  Without a working website, I was left with two choices: 1. Attempt to order via phone 2. Drive my unshowered behind 20 mins to the nearest Dick's Sporting Goods.

I chose method 1.  This experience wasn't any less frustrating.  After listening to the automated message all but beg me to go to TicketHorse.com to make my purchase, and warn me of "high call volume" and the potential for a "busy signal", I was able to press 1 in order to place my order.  Sure enough, busy signal.

And so I repeatedly refreshed the broken webpage, while my wife and I both repeatedly called TicketHorse -- only pausing to send complaint tweets to @TicketHorse.  And I wasn't alone:

  • @JessicaAvsFan WTF @tickethorse? The tix for the Burgundy/White game should be on sale and you don't answer your phones. Why should I do business with you?
  • @Curucar lame tickethorse, lame. Not putting the Avs' scrimmage game on your website, and your phone lines give me busy signals.
  • @anyonebutDET 40 mins and no communication via website or twitter, @tickethorse. very disappointed.

Thankfullly, right after I sent that last tweet, I refreshed the broken webpage and it was finally fixed - a "buy tickets" button suddenly.  I quickly secured my tickets and went on with my day.

Look, shit happens, websites can get messed up - and the problem was corrected in less than 1 hour, which really isn't too bad.  But I would have appreciated a quick message via Twitter, or maybe a banner on the webpage, anything that acknowledged the problem while it was occurring and / or an apology via Twitter after the fact.  As of 8:50PM MDT, neither have occurred (in fact @TicketHorse hasn't sent a single tweet all day.)