As bad as the last three games had been for the Avs, I would have become very worried if they would have blown this one.  We started with the bad, unconfident team we’d seen over the last 3 games, we ended with the fast, confident team that won 6 games prior to those 3 games.  I told my wife “I’ve got my Avs back!”.

  • Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way.  Galiardi and O’Reilly were something extremely special on the PK tonight.  The game was over with the 1st shorty - you knew Columbus was going to quit (which led to the 2nd shorty.)
  • O’Reilly was great 5 on 5 as well.  He is shooting the puck a lot more instead of looking to make the pretty pass .  That is important to do in a 3rd line roll where he isn’t going to be surrounded by the most offensively skilled guys.
  • The Avs were able to overcome a really rough start where they gave up a shorty of their own to go down 1-0.  I was positive that they were in a dog fight at that point.  Not only did they find a way to win in regulation, they outscored Columbus 5-0 from there on.
  • Don’t forget about the game Brandon Yip played.  Two more goals - yes, the 2nd one was a really soft goal, but it was a really smart play by Yipper to throw that puck on net, forcing Garon to make the save.  I’ve been saying Yip is for real since December -  Mark Rycroft finally agreed tonight.
  • Yip has 15 points - tied with Tucker.  Oh, but Yip has played in 28 less games.
  • McLeod built on last game.  Keep it up, Cody.
  • The first line isn’t still quite there, but it was nice to see Stasnty come away with a point.  The group needs a breakout game and it could be coming soon.
  • I’m shocked that Columbus hasn’t fired Hitchcock yet.  Its just so incredibly obvious that team isn’t buying into his message anymore.
  • Liles and Svatos were both non-factors tonight.

Next game: at 7th place Nashville Thursday at 6PM MST