My thoughts on last night.

- I’m disappointed we didn’t get at least a point in this one. We wasted a really good effort by Anderson – mostly because we couldn’t get any offense going 5 on 5.

־ By sitting Wolski in the 3rd, Sacco was trying to make a statement not only to Wolski, but also to the rest of the team. That statement is “you must continue to work or you won’t play.” Its a move that I hope pays off as we move through the rest of this trip.

־ The Avs were the better team in the 2nd, but ended up tied 1-1. Svatos couldn’t bury a couple of golden chances, Tucker couldn’t score from between the circles and Duchene failed to score on a breakaway.

־ Speaking of that Duchene breakaway, I couldn’t help thinking how much he looked like Marian Gaborik on that play.

־ We’re gonna have to keep Ryan O’Reilly up – he is the only guy that can win a faceoff for us.

־ I’m not a fan of Patric Hornvqist.

־ Cumiskey had his best game of the season. He seems to be learning how really use his speed. If he could figure how / when to jump to the play offensively, he could become a really dangerous weapon.

־ The next time the Avs are struggling offensively, I’d like to see Duchene, Stastny and Hejduk on a line together.

־ We need more out of Chris Stewart.

־ TJ Hensick doesn’t fit into Sacco’s plan and I don’t think he will finish the season in Colorado. I hope the Avs are able to get something for him vs. losing him on waivers.

־ When Budaj plays, the Avs poor defensive is going to be exposed. Way too many shots on goal in each of the 3 games.
- My favorite phrase of the game: “Darcy Tucker did a good job not retaliating in that situation.”